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Feldstein’s 2011 Resident Poster Revealed

Every year Dr. Neil A. Feldstein from the Pediatric Neurosurgery Center puts together a parting gift for the graduating residents.  Using digital tools like Photo Shop he creates a personalized poster presented to the residents at their year-end celebratory dinner.

Feldstein has done this for the last sixteen years and says he enjoys it more every year. Most recently he has been using a movie-poster theme.

Dr. Neil Feldstein

In this year’s poster (seen above) you can find departing Chief residents  Omar N Syed, MD, Robert Morgan Stuart,MD, and Andrew F Ducruet, MD.

According to Dr. Feldstein, “The theme is taken from one of the movie posters from Inception with the thought that the implantation of the idea that they had become neurosurgeons was not theirs but rather implanted.”

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