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Dr. Neil Feldstein Gets Creative at Grand Rounds

Dr.Neil Feldstein @ Grand Rounds

Dr. Neil FeldsteinAssociate Professor of Neurological Surgery and Director of Pediatric Neurological Surgery, showed his artistic flare at a recent Grand Rounds presentation on the management of hydrocephalus.

“I presented a basic instructional conference to the house staff on how to safely and carefully plan and place a ventricular peritoneal shunt system for the management of hydrocephalus,” says Dr. Feldstein. “To keep it engaging, my talk was titled The 39 Steps in homage to the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie [he turned the procedure into a 39 step process to make it easier for everyone to remember]. Also, I opened my talk with the shower scene from Psycho and the music The March of the Marionettes.”

Dr.Neil Feldstein @ Grand Rounds

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