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A Fond Farewell to Shangri-La Deli


Cake for the department from Shangri-La deli
Wonderful cake from a wonderful deli

Nearby deli Shangri-La is closing its doors, and it will be missed. For years, the deli’s sandwiches and hot buffet were lunchtime staples for many doctors, nurses, and staff here at Columbia.

Shangri-La’s delicious sandwiches were a particular draw. A rotating menu had people swapping recommendations in what sounded like code: “the number five on Tuesdays is the best!” or “try the number one on Thursday!”

These sandwiches are rolls with, respectively: grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, mushrooms and BBQ sauce; and chicken, guacamole, salsa, and lettuce. But Shangri-La also featured less typical deli fare: the “PK Special” on Wednesdays, for example, was a wrap containing cheese and the spicy Korean favorite kimchi.

Business at Shangri-La was brisk. Proprietors Christine and Phillip worked efficiently to conquer the lunch rush each day. Customers in the know would even call their orders ahead, making the lunch stop even speedier. But despite the restaurant’s brisk business and very strong popularity, its lease just became too expensive.

Last week, Christine and Phillip were thoughtful enough to express their fondness and appreciation for the Neurosurgery Department with the beautiful cake pictured above. (It was just as yummy as it was beautiful.)

Here we express our own fondness and appreciation. Christine and Phillip, thank YOU for the wonderful memories, the delicious sandwiches, and all the other nourishing food we looked forward to ordering. We will miss Shangri-La deli, but wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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