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Drs. Fox and Cobb at U Pittsburgh for Gamma Knife Certification

Dr. Fox and Dr. Cobb

Two of our affiliated New Jersey Neurosurgeons, Dr. W. Christopher Fox and Dr. William Cobb are spending the week at the University of Pittsburgh for a  course on stereotactic radiosurgery, specifically the use of the Gamma Knife.

Dr. Fox and Dr. Cobb had extensive training in stereotactic radiosurgery during each of their neurosurgical residencies, and after taking this course, they will both receive a special certification for use of the Gamma Knife.

The Gamma Knife (not a literal knife) generates a highly concentrated beam of radiation used to treat lesions in the brain such as acoustic neuromastrigeminal neuralgia, and brain tumors.

Both Dr. Fox and Dr. Cobb are committed to ever broadening their practice for the betterment of their patients. This type of treatment, being non-invasive, aligns with treatments they offer that are minimally invasive, like aneurysm coiling and minimally invasive spine surgery.

To learn more about Dr. Fox, see his bio page here.

To learn more about Dr. Cobb, see his bio page here.

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