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Dr. W. Christopher Fox Receives Written Praise from Patient Alix Morriss

Dr. Fox & Mrs. Morris
Dr. Fox with his delighted patient Alix Morriss

We all know that one of the best ways to find a good doctor is through word-of-mouth, and that is exactly how so many of our patients come to us. Most often this happens silently in conversations with friends, family and other medical providers, but sometimes it is splashed out in writing for a whole community to see. This happened to our New Jersey affiliate, Dr. William Christopher Fox recently when he received high praise from his patient, Alix Morriss, in her local newsletter. Ms. Morriss sent Dr. Fox a copy of the newsletter, The Arrowhead, and it is our pleasure to share her article with you:

“For the past six months a lot of you have seen me limping and at the Holiday party I could not even stand up for more than a minute. I went to physical therapy, to a chiropractor, to an acupuncturist, and a spine specialist gave me three epidurals. Nothing Helped. It was my luck that I was told of a group of Columbia Presbyterian neurosurgeons in Ridgewood who operate in Valley Hospital and met one of their doctors who operated on my spine on Jan 8.  The day after the operation, I had no more pain! Now it is a month later and I am back to my old self. “Old” is right, which is why many surgeons did not want to operate on my spine. I wanted to tell my story because I know many of you also have back problems. I’d be happy to share my experience with anyone who contacts me.”– Alix Morriss

Thank you Ms. Morriss for sharing your story and for your kind words. “Taking care of patients like Alix is what makes being a neurosurgeon such a special privilege,” said Dr. Fox. “She was told elsewhere that she’d require a fusion with six months of recovery. To see her doing so well so quickly after a minimally invasive surgery is wonderful, and being part of stories like hers is what motivates me everyday.” Dr. Fox’s Ridgewood, New Jersey practice includes diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of neurosurgical disorders with a special interest in minimally invasive procedures for the brain and spine. Learn more about Dr. William Christopher Fox on his bio page here.

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