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Dr. Wm Christopher Fox Discusses Concussions & Contemporary Neurosurgery at The Valley Hospital

2014 Concussion Seminar 004
Dr. W. Christopher Fox

Our New Jersey affiliate, Dr. William Christopher Fox was the featured speaker recently for two seminars at the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey: the first was a continuing education course for nurses, and the second was a concussion awareness event.

Dr. Fox’s nursing education talk was on contemporary techniques in complex and minimally invasive neurosurgery. He spoke before the entire Valley operating room staff and was received with great enthusiasm.

“Given the fast-paced advancements of modern neurosurgery,” said Dr. Fox. “It is important to keep our staff, particularly those who aren’t regular members of the neurosurgery team, up-to-date on, not only what we can do, but how technology has changed the way we operate, making surgery safer for our patients.”

The second talk he gave was at Valley’s third annual Seminar on Concussion Awareness, hosted by the Valley Hospital Sports Institute. Dr. Fox spoke to more than 100 community members about diagnosis, treatment, new research, and return to play rules regarding concussions. Steve Kennelly, assistant head athletic trainer for the NY Giants, also spoke at this event.

“I was honored to be asked to speak about such an important topic, something which is just now starting to receive the attention it deserves,” said Dr. Fox. “Sharing the latest research, treatment, and prevention data with parents, coaches and athletic directors is so important. We are learning a lot about concussion, but many questions remain and some of the newest findings are difficult to interpret. I love being able to help people sort that out, particularly given my own background in competitive sports.”

2014 Concussion Seminar 006
Left to Right: Dr. W. Christopher Fox, Donald Tomaszewski (Director of the Valley Sports Institute), and Steve Kennelly

Dr. Fox’s clinical practice focuses on a wide variety of areas within neurosurgery. He has a military and athletic background and is well versed in the prevention and treatment of concussions. He also specializes in the treatment of aneurysms, use of the Gamma Knife for the treatment of Brain Tumors and vascular malformations, and disorders of the Spine.

Learn more about Dr. Fox on his bio page here.

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