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Dr. Winfree Combines Science, Teaching, and Winter Fun in Utah

Dr. Christopher Winfree (2nd row center) and colleagues at the 41st Annual Richard Lende Neurosurgery Conference. Snowbird, Utah Jan 31, 2015 — Feb 5, 2015

Dr. Christopher Winfree took advantage of the snowy weather in Utah this month where he attended the 41st annual Richard Lende Winter Neurosurgery Conference. He was also invited to visit and lecture at the University of Utah.

The Lende Conference, co-sponsored by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, was held at the Cliff Lodge Conference Center in Snowbird, Utah. This is a favorite conference for Dr. Winfree because he gets to combine his love of winter sports with his passion for neurosurgery.

For more than 20 years, neuroscientists have gathered for a little winter fun and to pay tribute to a great neurosurgeon, the late Dr. Richard Lende. The meeting also has a scientific component that includes a variety of presentations of the latest in research and clinical innovations in neurosurgery and allied fields.

Following the Lende conference this year, Dr. Winfree was invited to spend the day as a visiting professor at the Univeristy of Utah Department of Neurosurgery.

There, he gave a talk at Grand Rounds titled “Peripheral Nerve Surgery: A Career of Balance and Harmony.” He also spent the day with the neurosurgery residents teaching a peripheral nerve cadaver dissection lab. He co-directed the lab course with Dr. Mark Mahan, the peripheral nerve surgeon at Utah.

“The University of Utah, led by Chairman William Couldwell, was an outstanding host, and I greatly enjoyed my time there,” says Dr. Winfree. “Located in a mountain paradise in Salt Lake City, they have a great group of residents and faculty. My family and I spent two days with Dr. Douglas Brockmeyer, one of the Utah neurosurgeons, and his wife Debbie, and their dogs. We had an amazing time and are already looking forward to visiting next year!”

Learn more about Dr. Christopher Winfree on his bio page here.


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