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Dr. Solomon’s Luessenhop Lecture Well Done

Dr. Solomon's Luessenhop Lecture -- photo collage
Clockwise from top left: Dr. Solomon delivers to 2015 Luessenhop Lecture. The lecture audience fills the ballroom in the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel. Dr. Solomon is presented with the prestigious Luessenhop Lecture award.

Columbia Neurosurgery Chair Dr. Robert Solomon has delivered an outstanding Luessenhop Lecture. This prestigious lecture is given each year at the Annual Joint Cerebrovascular Section meeting.

The lecture series is named for the late Dr. Alfred J. Luessenhop. More than half a century ago, Dr. Luessenhop pioneered intravascular brain surgery. (That is, surgery on the blood vessels of the brain.) Since 1998, one neurosurgeon per year has been chosen to give the prestigious address that bears Luessenhop’s name. And each year, a wide audience of American and international neurosurgeons look forward to the lecture.

In his lecture, Dr. Solomon examined the fifty-year history of cerebrovascular surgery, from Dr. Leussenhop to the twenty-first century. Then he focused on the contemporary state of the field. He made a strong and fascinating case for the unique setup of Columbia’s neurosurgery department.

According to Columbia neurosurgeon Dr. Sean Lavine,

Dr. Solomon convincingly explained that our model at Columbia provides patients with the best environment for success. Our integrated group of neurosurgeons, neurologists, and neuro radiologists, each with complementary backgrounds, is prepared to beat the most difficult diseases in neurosurgery. His lecture was extremely well received, and provides a description of THE standard for patient care in cerebrovascular neurosurgery.”

This part of his address wasn’t just a dry explanation of the Neurosurgery Department’s structure, though. Instead, Dr. Solomon used a series of case studies to show how much real people have benefitted from Columbia’s model.

We are thrilled that Dr. Solomon received this honor, and that his Luessenhop Lecture was received so enthusiastically.

To learn more about Dr. Robert Solomon, see his bio page here.

Learn more about Dr. Sean Lavine on his bio page here.


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