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Dr. Michael Sisti’s Patient Gift Speaks Volumes

Dr. Sisti's Sculpture
“Peasant Man Singing” 2013 gift to Dr. Michael Sisti from a grateful patient

If you were lucky enough to walk into Dr. Michael Sisti’s office earlier this month, one of the first things you would have noticed was a lovely new bronze statue displayed in his window. The next thing you would probably have noticed was the huge grin on Dr. Sisti’s face, for this statue was a gift from a lovely artist who is also a happy patient of his.

The sculpture, called “Peasant Man Singing,” was originally worked in clay. The artist had it cast in bronze and then hand delivered her token to Dr. Sisti in his office at Columbia’s Neurological Institute. The sculpture is now displayed in a prominent place in Dr. Sisti‘s home.

The artist wanted to keep her anonymity for this post as she said, this gift isn’t about her, it is about Dr. Sisti and how grateful she is to him for everything he did.

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