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Dr. Sameer Sheth Publishes Paper on Minimally Invasive Epilepsy Surgery

Sheth_Portrait_Web213x275Dr. Sameer Sheth from the Epilepsy Center is the primary author* of a paper just published in Epilepsia, the top epilepsy journal.

“Some patients with epilepsy have seizures that cannot be controlled with medications,” says Dr. Sheth.”There may be surgical options for treating these patients’ seizures, if their source within the brain can be identified. This paper describes the utility of a minimally invasive technique for identifying where seizures are coming from in these patients.” 

Surgical treatment for temporal lobe epilepsy has an exceptionally high cure rate. Several studies have shown that 60-70% of patients gain complete seizure freedom compared with fewer than 10% of patients treated with medication. Some research also indicates that the cure rate may be even higher when the patients are more rigorously selected.

The paper, Utility of foramen ovale electrodes in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, is available for early review online here.

*Co-authors of the paper include: Sheth SA, Aronson JP, Shafi MM, Phillips HW, Velez-Ruiz N, Walcott BP, Kwon CS, Mian MK, Dykstra AR, Cole A, Eskandar EN.

Learn more about Dr. Sameer Sheth on his bio page here.

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