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Neurosurgeon Dr. Sean Lavine Named One of the ‘Best in Healthcare’ by the American Health Council

SeanLavine Best in HealthcareThe American Health Council combed through the ranks of U.S. physicians to find doctors who represent the “100 Best Healthcare Professionals” across all states for their Best in Healthcare award.

The Council chose to honor neurosurgeon Dr. Sean Lavine for his expertise and commitment to excellence, his work to promote higher standards of healthcare, his professional contributions and his compassion for patient care.

The American Health Council is dedicated to collaboration between doctors across all areas of medicine to improve general health and well-being in the country.

Their Best in Healthcare awards recognize those physicians who best exemplify the Council’s standards of healthcare awareness and advancement.

The Council called Dr. Lavine “a reflection of the vital components that are the backbone of American health and wellness.”

Dr. Lavine is an Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery and Radiology at Columbia University Medical Center, as well as the Clinical Co-Director of Neuroendovascular Services at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

He has dedicated his practice exclusively to diseases of the cerebrovascular system (the blood vessels that carry blood to and from the brain) and diseases treated with endovascular and neuroradiological procedures (ways of treating neurological diseases without open surgery).

We are proud that the American Health Council is recognizing Dr. Lavine for his outstanding work. Congratulations to Dr. Lavine for being one of the very few physicians honored with this award!

Learn more about Dr. Lavine at his bio page here.

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