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Dr. Sean Lavine Inaugurated as New Cerebrovascular (CV) Section Leader

Dr. Sean Lavine at Joint CV Section meeting, AANS 2015
Dr. Sean Lavine at 2015 meeting of the Joint CV Section

For people who specialize in cerebrovascular disease (diseases of blood flow in the brain), the AANS/CNS* Joint Cerebrovascular Section is a big deal.

The “Joint CV Section” unites neurosurgeons, other physicians, and researchers from around the globe. Its mission is to advance the diagnosis and management of cerebrovascular disease.

The newly inaugurated 2015-16 Chair of the Joint CV Section is our own Dr. Sean Lavine. Congratulations, Dr. Lavine!

Dr. Lavine has long been active in the Joint CV Section. In 2011, he was elected to a three-year term as Secretary. (Read our post about that here.)

The following year, he began an eight-year term as senior advisor to the group. He will hold that role until 2020.

When his term as Secretary ended in 2014, Dr. Lavine was elected Chair for 2015-16. He spent 2014 as Chair-Elect, and at the AANS meeting earlier this year, he officially assumed the role of Chair.

Asked about the position, Dr. Lavine says,

“I have been fortunate to begin my term as the Chairman of the Joint Cerebrovascular Section at a very important time. Several landmark studies have been published in the last few months that confirm the success of endovascular techniques for patients who have suffered a stroke. They show an improvement in patients’ lives after our minimally invasive treatment of blood clots in brain blood vessels. They prove that stroke programs are necessary and it is our role in the CV Section to help patients, physicians, hospitals and policy makers understand that access to properly trained physicians is an absolute necessity.” 

Stay tuned: in February 2016, Dr. Lavine will deliver the presidential address at the annual CV Section meeting.

Dr. Lavine is Clinical Co-Director of Neuroendovascular Services at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Learn more about Dr. Lavine on his bio page here.

*AANS/CNS: American Association of Neurological Surgeons / Congress of Neurological Surgeons

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