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Dr. Sameer Sheth Featured in ‘Nerve’ Newsletter

Dr. Sameer ShethDr. Sameer Sheth, neurosurgeon from our Epilepsy and Movement Disorders centers, is featured in the February 2014 Nerve Newsletter.

Nerve is a new publication (this is their third issue) put out by the Columbia Translational Neuroscience Initiative (CTNI), a research group working out of Columbia’s uptown campus at Washington Heights with the following aim:

To unite Columbia’s community of Uptown neuroscientists and integrate it with the full range of resources of Columbia University to form a preeminent collaborative union that can readily translate scientific research into useful clinical applications.

The February issue of CTNI’s newsletter highlights their affiliated laboratories including that of Dr. Sheth; the Functional and Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab. In his lab, Dr. Sheth focuses on the study of human decision-making, behavior, and cognitive processes.

Dr. Sheth specializes in the treatment of patients with Movement DisordersEpilepsyBrain TumorsTrigeminal NeuralgiaBrain Trauma, and certain Psychiatric Disorders.

To learn more about Dr. Sheth  see his bio page here.

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