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Dr. Robert Solomon Contributes to UK ‘Masters of Neurosurgery’ Project

Dr. Robert Solomon contributes to UK Masters of Neurosurgery Hall of Fame
Dr. Robert Solomon

Columbia Neurosurgery Chair, Dr. Robert Solomon is considered by many to be one of the foremost experts in the surgical care of brain aneurysms. This is the case, not just in the United States, but internationally too.

Neurosurgeons in London, England invited Dr. Solomon this year to share some of his expertise in a library project called the Masters of Neurosurgery Hall of Fame.

This is a collection of signature techniques, operative secrets and tips and tricks “for the training of current and future generations of Neurosurgeons and the benefit of patients everywhere in the world.”

Dr. Solomon contributed a chapter and related video on Craniotomy and surgical clipping of a large paraclinoid aneurysm. His chapter included the successful case study of a 60-year old with a history of high blood pressure and chronic headaches. Dr. Solomon’s Masters of Neurosurgery contribution will be saved in a digital library collection for posterity.

Learn more about Dr. Robert Solomon on his bio page here.

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