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Dr. Philip Meyers Reviews Two Decades of Stroke Trials

Dr.Philip MeyersDr. Philip Meyers from the Endovascular Center was part of a team to look at twenty years worth of peer-reviewed research on the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Specifically they looked at trials involving recanalization, procedures done directly inside an artery to remove an obstruction such as a blood clot.

In the end, thirteen trials were included in the review and the researchers said,”a significant improvement in recanalization/reperfusion was noted over the last two decades.” In other words, they found that these procedures have increasingly resulted in improved blood flow in the brain. 

Their research paper, Improvements in recanalization with modern stroke therapy: a review of prospective ischemic stroke trials during the last two decades (authors: Kyle M FargenPhilip M MeyersPooja KhatriJ Mocco) has been published online here for early review in the Journal of Neurointerventional  Surgery.

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