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Dr. Philip Meyers’ Paper and Podcast on Evidence-Based Practice

MeyersPM_Portrait_Web_022314Dr. Philip Meyers from the Cerebrovascular Center and Endovascular Center has just published an article on evidence-based practice in the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery. He also participated in an interview and discussion with his co-authors*, for a podcast released by the Journal to highlight this important research.

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the judicious review of current research to establish the best course of treatment for a patient. EBM is also used to establish general guidelines and best practice standards within a field of medicine.

“Evidence-based medicine is critically important to best neurosurgical practice,” says Dr. Meyers. “In this article, we discuss the importance of comparative-effectiveness research and evidence-based medicine for NeuroInterventional surgery.”

The paper, Evidence-based clinical practice for the neurointerventionalist, can be found in the February, 2014 issue of the Journal of  NeuroInterventional Surgery (JNIS). The abstract is available to read online here.

The half-hour podcast, titled Evidence Based Neurointervention, was posted on the JNIS website last week and includes a discussion between three of the paper’s authors*: Dr. Meyers, Dr. Hirsch, and Dr. Jayaraman.  Listen to the podcast here

Learn more about Dr. Philip Meyers on his bio page here.

*Co-authors include: Hirsch JA, Turk AS, Mocco J, Fiorella DA, Jayaraman MV, Meyers PM, Yoo AJ, and  Manchikanti L.

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