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Another Podcast with Dr. Philip Meyers on Evidence-Based Neurointervention

Dr. Philip Meyers
Dr. Philip Meyers

Dr. Philip Meyers has been interviewed for yet another podcast this summer (links below). This podcast is on the subject of Developing evidence-based neurointervention and it is presented by the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

The podcast is featured in the June issue of NeuroNews, the online publication for which Dr. Meyers was recently made Editor-in-Chief.

Josh Hirsch, Philip M Meyers and Mahesh V Jayaraman discuss the ever-developing field of neurointerventional surgery. In this podcast they talk about evidence-based medicine for cerebrovascular interventions, developing clinical guidelines and technical standards and research. –NeuroNews

Listen to the podcast, Developing evidence-based neurointervention, here.

Learn more about Dr. Philip Meyers on his bio page here.

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