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Dr. Philip Meyers Helps us Understand Why Columbia is #1 for Aneurysm Treatment

Dr. Philip Meyers on aneurysm treatment
Dr. Philip Meyers

A few months ago we posted the amazing results of a 2014 aneurysm study that showed Columbia University Medical Center to be best in New York State for unruptured aneurysm repair (read our post here). This summer that research was published again, in hard copy, by the American Heart Association Journal: Stroke (May, 2014 issue).

Since then, our doctors have been fielding a lot of questions about the condition, the procedures to treat it, and why Columbia’s outcomes were so good. This has prompted Dr. Philip Meyers, President of the Society of Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS), to produce a thorough research analysis and commentary to help answer some of those questions.

His paper is titled Columbia University Medical Center: Best outcomes for cerebral aneurysms in New York according to NYS Database, and you can read it here. Dr. Meyers provides a detailed explanation in lay-terms of what a brain aneurysm is, how the current treatments have came about, and what it takes to perform the treatment right. He also provides some insight into why Columbia came out on top in the research:

Columbia University Medical Center has a unified team of cerebrovascular experts to treat patients with ruptured and unruptured cerebral aneurysms. Members of this team are highly subspecialized. Two surgeons only perform the open surgical treatment of cerebral aneurysms. These surgeons do not perform surgery on the spine or remove brain tumors. Brain blood vessel surgery is their full-time practice. Similarly, there are three endovascular surgeons who only treat cerebral aneurysms using through-the-blood-vessel methods. A highly specialized practice not shared by many, this approach is now vindicated by outcome data. Continue Reading

Dr. Meyers Article on Aneurysm treatment
Click on the image above to read Dr. Meyers’ full article

Take a few minutes and find out more about this tricky condition and what it takes to treat it right: read Dr. Meyers’ full article here.

Dr. Meyers is Professor of Radiology and Neurological Surgery at Columbia University and Co-Director of Neuroendovascular Services at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Learn more about him on his bio page here.

For reference: Dr. Meyers’ review is based on the findings presented in the paper, Variability in outcome after elective cerebral aneurysm repair in high-volume academic medical centersCo-authors of this original research included Columbia Neurosurgeons Dr. Robert Solomon and Dr. E. Sander Connolly, along with neurosurgery residents Dr. Brad Zacharia and Dr. Zachary Hickman.

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