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Dr. Meyers Committed to Spreading the Word on Stroke

Dr. Meyers President of SNIS

Dr. Philip Meyers loves what he does and few physicians are as committed to the betterment of his profession as he is. Every year he shares his expertise in cerebrovascular disease with colleagues and the public at a wide variety of events across the country.

He ramped up these efforts after becoming President of the Society of Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS) last August, and he says the year sped by. “I gave my final presidential address this summer and passed the gavel to the new SNIS president, Peter Rasmussen from Cleveland Clinic Foundation.”

Dr. Meyers spent much of his tenure as president focusing on educating the public specifically about the risks and treatments for stroke.

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in America,” says Dr. Meyers. “At the Society of Neurointerventional Surgery, we are dedicated to the advancement of stroke treatment. Through research, standard-setting in education, and advocacy, we strive to provide the highest quality of patient care.”

Dr. Meyers says that patient care often begins with patient education, and he recently did some interesting community outreach in service of this. In April he was featured on an NPR podcast about women and stroke (read more about that here). In May he lectured to more than 600 attendants at the American Heart Association’s sixth Annual New York State Stroke Conference.

Last month he was interviewed about acute stroke treatment by Dr. Nieca Goldberg for Doctor Radio, and he was also featured in a podcast presented by the British Medical Journal on evidence-based neurointervention (read more about that here).

Dr. Philip Meyers is Professor of Radiology and Neurological Surgery at Columbia University and Co-Director of Neuroendovascular Services at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Learn more about him on his bio page here.

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