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Dr. Paul McCormick Speaks at Jacques Brotchi Symposium in Brussels

Neurosurgeons Paul McCormick (right) & Jacques Brotchi

Dr. Paul McCormick, Director of our Spine Center, recently returned from a trip to Brussels where he presented at The Jacques Brotchi Symposium.

Brotchi is a world renowned neurosurgeon who just retired. The symposium was in honor of his career and contributions to neurosurgery. Interestingly, Brotchi is also active in politics and holds an elected position in the Belgian government.

The symposium was attended by leading neurosurgeons from around the world; Europe (Brussels, Italy, France & Spain), South America, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States.

You can see Dr. McCormick in this short video of the Jacques Brotchi Symposium here. Note: the video is in French.

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