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Dr. Paul McCormick Guest Examiner for Saudi Arabian Neurosurgery Board

Dr. Paul McCormick (center in black suit)
Dr. McCormick poses with the Saudi Arabian Board of Neurological Surgeons and the 2 candidates who have passed the examination (immediately to his right).

Dr. Paul McCormick from the Spine Center was invited to Riyadh recently to serve as a consultant and guest examiner for the Saudi Arabian Board of Neurosurgery’s oral examination certification.

Neurosurgical training in Saudi Arabia has, over the last few decades, become increasingly recognized around the world for their high standards. The six year neurosurgical program is run using a combination of North American and European training guidelines and culminates in a rigorous examination to achieve Board Certification. 

Dr. Paul McCormick (far right)
Dr McCormick congratulates Dr. Abdulrahman Al Kandary following successful completion of the oral board examination.

“It’s remarkable to see how far the Saudi Arabian Board of Neurological Surgery has advanced in defining the standards of training, practice, and certification in neurological surgery,” says Dr. McCormick. “The Saudi Arabian Board Certification process is rigorous, thorough, and fair and in many ways resembles the well established American Board of Neurological Surgery Board Certification process.”

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