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Dr. Paul McCormick Discusses Spinal Tumors at AANS

Dr.Paul McCormick

Dr. Paul McCormick, Herbert & Linda Gallen Professor of Neurological Surgery and Director of the Spine Center at Columbia University Medical Center, recently spoke at the annual meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS).

He was a panelist for a new course titled 101 Update on Treatment of Nerve Tumors and Peripheral Nerve Spinal Tumors

“This new seminar provided the opportunity to bring together experts in both peripheral nerve and spinal surgery to discuss updates and advances in the evaluation and management of benign and malignant nerve tumors,” said Dr. McCormick.

During the session, Dr. McCormick discussed his new classification system for benign spinal and paraspinal tumors to enhance the effectiveness and safety of their surgical removal.

Learn more about Dr. Paul McCormick on his bio page here.

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