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Dr. Neil Feldstein Speaks About Chiari Malformation at Annual Pediatric Neurosurgery Meeting

Dr.Kaiser Mr. Mueller Dr.JohnsonDr. Neil Feldstein was an invited speaker at the 36th annual meeting of the American Society of Pediatric Neurosurgeons (ASPN), held last month in Hawaii. Dr. Feldstein was one of the first neurosurgeons to speak during the meeting’s five-day Scientific Program.

His talk was titled, “Chiari I Malformation Complication Management.” Chiari 1 Malformation is congenital process centered at the base of the skull where the spinal cord meets the brain. A compression there can cause increased pressure on the lower part of the brainstem and spinal cord and lead to pain, headaches, and weakness in the arms and legs. The problem can result in progressive neurological dysfunction, but it can also go undetected for years.

Dr. Feldstein has long specialized in the surgical treatment of Chiari malformations and speaks on the subject often in New York City, across the United States, and internationally. 

Read here to learn more about Chiari 1 Malformation.

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