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Dr. Neil Feldstein Pays Tribute to Neurosurgery Residents with His 2014 Collage

Dr. Feldstein’s 2014 outgoing Resident Poster featuring Dr. Brad Zacharia (L) and Dr. Zachary L. Hickman (R) front and center.

The presentation of Dr. Neil Feldstein’s annual residents picture is always a little bittersweet. His creation is a fun and heartfelt tribute to the outstanding achievement of our neurosurgery residents, but it also means saying goodbye to our graduating chiefs.

Dr. Feldstein has been creating these computer-generated collages for the residents for many years and each one is quite different. These days he picks a theme based on a popular movie or TV series and incorporates residents and members of the department according to their personalities. He works on the picture (when not performing brain surgery–that is) and unveils his creation for the first time at the annual end-of-year residents’ dinner.

In recent years, fellow pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Anderson began assisting Dr. Feldstein on this project, and together they produced the outstanding collage above. The title of which is Neurological Institute (NI) Game of Thrones, after the popular TV series. The two graduating neurosurgery chiefs, Brad Zacharia, MD and  Zachary L. Hickman, MD are front and center in full armor, and they were each presented with their own professionally framed personalized copy.

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