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Dr. Neil Feldstein Directs Practical Clinic at 2012 AANS Meeting

Dr. Neil Feldstein from the Brain Tumor Center and Pediatric Neurosurgery Center joined his many colleagues at the  2012 Scientific Meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS).

At the meeting, Dr. Feldstein was Director of a Practical Clinic on Incorporation of Electronic Technology to Improve Clinical Practice: Current Uses and Future Directions.

Top left: Dr. Feldstein is joined by his wife on the evening of the Presidential Address given by Dr. Paul McCormick.

Right: Dr. Feldstein on stage with Dr. McCormick.

Left: Dr. Feldstein and his wife are pleased to see Dr. Gaetan Moise (far right) from our Neurosurgeons of New Jersey office and former Columbia Chief Resident Dr. Ricardo Komotar.

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