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Dr. Philip Meyers Busy With Another Clinical Trial: This One Looks at a Device to Help Stroke Victims

You may have noticed that Dr. Philip Meyers from the Endovascular Center is quite busy these days. He is taking part in another multi-center clinical trial: this one has to do with a device, called the Penumbra 3D Separator, that helps re-open arteries in patients in the midst of an acute stroke.


There are two kinds of stroke: an ischemic stroke, where a blood vessel in the brain is blocked by a blood clot; and a hemorrhagic stroke, where blood supply is disrupted by bleeding in the brain.

The Penumbra 3D Separator Trial is looking at patients suffering from an acute ischemic stroke. The word acute is used to mean that the stroke is in the midst of occurring. According to Dr. Meyers, “The device helps reopen blocked blood vessels in victims of acute stroke. The 3D Separator is meant to have a high likelihood of reopening the occluded vessel [by removing the blood clot] rapidly to promote stroke recovery. The trial is necessary to obtain FDA approval of the device.”

The device is being used within 8 hours of symptom onset at nearly 50 medical centers across the country. Each treated patient will be followed and assessed for 3 months.

Dr. Philip Meyers
Dr. Philip Meyers

Dr. Meyers and his team at Columbia University Medical Center treated their first patient in this trial this summer and he says, the device worked well and reopened the blocked arteries (see image above). Researchers are aiming for a December, 2014 end-date for this trial, at which time they hope to have treated more than 200 patients.

Learn more about this clinical trial here.

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