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Dr. Marc Otten Leading Neurosurgery Team at Lawrence Hospital

Neurosurgery Head Dr. Marc Otten
Dr. Marc Otten

The union of New York-Presbyterian (NYP) Hospital and Lawrence Hospital last year is a huge gain for the community. It brought access to new services for the people of Westchester County, including a team of skilled neurosurgeons.

Dr. Marc Otten has been named the leader of that team, and will be the new Director of Columbia Neurosurgery at New York Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital.

Dr. Otten specializes in the treatment of conditions of the brain and spine. His experience with special techniques that can reduce risk to patients is extensive.

These techniques include minimally invasive approaches to the brain and spine, taking advantage of cutting-edge surgical tools and imaging, as well as awake brain surgery.

In addition to Dr. Otten, three other neurosurgeons from Columbia Neurosurgery are providing services at NYP/Lawrence.

Dr. Grace K. Mandigo is a member of Columbia’s Endovascular Center team, which focuses on minimally invasive treatments of neurological problems involving blood vessels.

Dr. Peter D. Angevine works with the Spine Center and has specialized training in both adult and pediatric spinal disorders.

Dr. Guy M. McKhann II is part of both the Epilepsy Center and the Center for Movement Disorders, and he brings a wealth of experience as both a neurosurgeon and researcher.

“The partnership between New York-Presbyterian, Columbia University, and Lawrence Hospital gives us a unique opportunity,” Dr. Otten says. “It allows us to combine the strengths of a large academic center with the personal attention unique to a community hospital. Patients in Westchester can now access world class care without leaving the neighborhood.”

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