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Dr. Lustgarten’s Successful Surgery Featured in Meridian Health View Magazine

New Jersey Affiliate, Dr. Jonathan Lustgarten is featured in this month’s issue of Meridian’s HealthViews Magazine in their article: Back to Biking: Spine Surgery Gets Riverview Doctor Active Again. 

The story is about Dr. Robert Carracino, M.D., an Internist and avid cyclist in West Long Branch, NJ., who last summer suffered an extremely painful herniated disc in his spine.

He sought help from his colleague Dr. Jonathan Lustgarten who successfully performed a minimally invasive procedure to remove the herniated disc. The surgery was performed at Riverview Medical Center and Dr. Timothy Link assisted.

Dr. Carracino’s disc herniation was located on the side of his spine and offered a particular kind of challenge.  In the article, Dr. Lustgarten is quoted, “Because treating a lateral disc herniation involves working through more muscle and soft tissue than you would with other types of disc herniation, I’ve found that minimally invasive microdiscectomy offers a significant advantage for these patients.”

The procedure was a complete success, Dr. Carracino spent only one night in the hospital and was back to work  within ten days. He has returned to cycling and says he feels great!

You can read the full story in the Mar/Apr 2012 issue of Meridian’s HealthViews Magazine or read the article on-line here.


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