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Dr. Sean Lavine Invited Expert at Neurosurgery Conference in Paris, France

SeanLavineDr. Sean Lavine from the Endovascular Center recently returned from the Live Interventional Neuroradiology & Neurosurgery Course (LINNC) held in Paris, France – Carrousel du Louvre. He was invited as an expert commentator on the live cases presented by his colleague Felipe Albuquerque from The Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

The meeting is a collection of open neurosurgical and endovascular cases performed live around the world, and transmitted by satellite to the Carrousel Du Louvre, a multimedia conference center housed within the famous Louvre Museum in Paris. The cases covered several topics within vascular neurosurgery including the treatment of aneurysms by direct clipping, coiling, stenting, balloon remodeling, flow diversion, and a combination of these techniques. Other diseases covered were Brain AVMs and Stroke, and the treatment of these by minimally invasive techniques such as embolization and mechanical clot extraction.

“LINNC is one of my favorite meetings,” said Dr. Lavine. “I enjoy the ability to have open and frank discussions with experts from around the globe, particularly while the cases are being performed live. The thought processes about techniques and tools are presented ‘on-the-fly’ in a truly unique format. Many of the devices presented are already available in Europe, and in the FDA approval process in our country. It is very valuable to see them first-hand in use to understand their advantages and limitations compared to the tools we have available today.”

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