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Dr. Jeffrey Bruce Joins in ‘Serving Up a Cure for Brain Cancer’ Field Day (Video)











Dr. Jeffrey Bruce is as passionate about finding ways to cure brain cancer as he is about treating it. One of the ways he supports work to find a cure is by serving as a medical advisor to B*CURED, an organization that funds brain cancer research.

He had a chance to help more by taking part in the B*CURED 5th annual fund-raiser this year. This fund-raiser came with a bit of a twist. Instead of the more usual formal fund-raising dinner, B*CURED asked attendees to show up in their track suits and tennis outfits for a “Field Day at Night.”

The event, called “Serving Up a Cure for Brain Cancer,” was held on the turf field at Chelsea Piers in Stamford, CT. Guests were invited to come climb the rock wall, jump on the trampolines, practice their swing in the batting cages and play Ping-Pong, among other activities. The evening culminated in a fund-raising auction.

B*CURED was founded in 2008 by Melissa Salamé and Debbie Needle, both of whom lost parents to meningioma brain tumors. They have since made it their mission to end brain cancer, and they created B*CURED to fund research at nationally ranked universities and hospitals.

“Day after day, week after week, all the volunteers in our organization are doing everything they can to raise money to fund research. Our researchers are doing everything they can to push the envelope,” said Mary Russell, B*CURED’s Director of Grants.

Dr. Bruce is the Director of Columbia’s Bartoli Brain Tumor Laboratory and the Co-Director of the Brain Tumor Center. He’s a leading authority on complex brain tumors and has dedicated his career to finding better ways to treat them.

“There’s never been a more exciting or promising time to be part of brain tumor research,” Dr. Bruce said. “If you’re looking to do something meaningful, organizations like B*CURED are great and I strongly urge you to be a part of it.”

Dr. Bruce is honored to be a part of B*CURED’s fight to eradicate brain cancer. And if you would like to donate to B*CURED, please do so here.

Learn more about Dr. Bruce on his bio page here.

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