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Columbia Neurosurgeon Dr. Guy McKhann Presents at Annual CNS Meeting


Dr. Guy McKhann was another Columbia neurosurgeon to participate in the annual meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) held last week in San Francisco.

Dr. McKhann co-directed a Practical Course on Surgical Management of Tumors in the Eloquent Regions of the brain.

At the end of the course, Dr. McKhann helped moderate a lively case discussion about a 29 year-old salesman with a brain tumor in an area of the brain that controls speech. He and an international crowd of neurosurgeons weighed in on a wide variety of treatment strategies including the benefits of brain mapping and awake-surgery.

Dr. McKhann, who specializes in awake brain surgery in such areas of the brain, stayed after the case study for a lengthy Q & A Session.

To learn more about Dr. McKhann visit his bio page here.

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