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Dr. Guy McKhann Dons Many Hats at AANS Meeting

Dr. Guy McKhann from the Brain Tumor, Epilepsy, and Movement Disorder Centers played a multitude of parts at the recent Scientific Meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS). In addition to being an avid participant, he was a Co-Director, a Discussant, a Co-Author, a Panelist, and a Moderator at the seminars and scientific sessions below.

Dr. McKhann was Co-Director of a Practical Clinic on Brain Mapping and Awake Mapping Techniques.

He was the Discussant for a scientific paper, DBS of the Third Ventricle Using a Floating Electrode to Treat Cluster Headaches: Proof of Concept, presented during a Scientific Session on Stereotactic and Functional Surgery

He was co-author of a paper, Auditory Novelty Detection Encoded by Dopaminergic Neurons in Human Substantia Nigra, presented at the same session.

Dr. McKhann was a panelist at a seminar on Resective Strategies for Epilepsy.

And finally, he was Moderator at a seminar on Contemporary Management for Adult Hydrocephalus.

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