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Dr. Evan Johnson on Wisconsin Public Radio

Dr. Evan Johnson on Wisconsin Radio
Dr. Evan Johnson

Dr. Evan Johnson, from The Spine Center, has been asked to speak on Wisconsin public radio live today, July 22, 2014.

He will be featured on their Teach Me What You Know Radio Hour that airs at 5:45pm EST. The segment is called, Teach Me What You Know: How To Sitand Dr. Johnson will be sharing information on posture and ergonomics during the fifteen-minute interview. Learn more about this Wisconsin radio show here.

Dr. Johnson is the Director of Physical Therapy and administrative director of The Spine Center in the Department of Neurological Surgery at Columbia University/New York Presbyterian Hospital. His expertise is renowned, and he is regularly featured in the media.

Learn more about Dr. Evan Johnson on his bio page here.

Update: You can now listen to Dr. Johnson’s radio interview here.

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