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Dr. Deborah Benzil Guest Blogs ‘Death & the Doctor’

DLBENZIL 2013_WebPortraitDr. Deborah Benzil, one of our newer faculty here at Columbia’s Department of Neurosurgery, was a guest blogger for NeurosurgeryBlog this week, where she wrote a thoughtful article about some of the less-talked about, yet incredibly important skills that all doctors need.

In the post, Death and the Doctor: Under-valued SkillsDr. Benzil “highlights several under-appreciated skills that physicians utilize in addition to the expected diagnostic and treatment interventions.” These included communication skills, honed listening ability and the capacity to give hope and comfort.

Read Dr. Benzil’s full blog post here.

Dr. Benzil is one of our new Westchester affiliates at the Mount Kisco Medical Center.
She is nationally known for her work in spine stereotactic radiosurgery, innovation in resident education, and socioeconomic expertise. She practices with neurosurgeon Dr. Omar N. Syed, and we are delighted to have them both as part of our team now.

Learn more about Dr. Deborah Benzil on her bio page here.

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