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Patient Sings His Story on CNN


Metropolitan Opera singer, Eric Jordan, told his remarkable story of stroke recovery on CNN Health this week, and we are proud to say that Dr. Daniel H. Sahlein was part of the medical team that made that recovery possible.

Dr. Sahlein is an Interventional Neuroradiologist, and he was the doctor at Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital that performed the life-saving procedure to remove a large blood clot from Mr. Jordan’s brain that was causing his stroke.

“The clot in his brain was in the left middle cerebral artery, which controls right sided motor as well as receptive language (understanding speech) and expressive language,” said Dr. Sahlein. “Eric made a remarkable recovery in movement and understanding language. He was left with an expressive aphasia, or difficulty making speech.”

Though Mr. Jordan’s speech has not fully recovered, he is, to everyone’s surprise, able to sing opera once again. “I thank God every day that my stroke occurred in New York, where I was close to my family, my friends and Columbia University Medical Center,” said Mr. Jordan in his CNN story.

The story, Opera singer struggles with speech after stroke, was published on line as part of CNN’s series, The Human Factor. You can read the article and see Mr. Jordan singing here.

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