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Dr. D’Ambrosio’s Patient Stops by with Cupcakes & Gratitude

What a delight! Kelly Ann Woods, a lovely patient of Dr. Anthony D’Ambrosio, stopped by last week with a note of gratitude and a big box of cupcakes. Dr. D’Ambrosio and his staff  thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and they were thrilled to see how well Kelly is doing.

Read Kelly’s note below:

Dear Dr. D’Ambrosio, Estelle, Laurie, and Staff,

Thank you very much for supporting me throughout this journey.
I look forward to returning to work tomorrow.
Enjoy the sweet treat!

Best Regards,
Kelly Ann Woods

In case you were wondering… Yes, the cupcakes were a good as they look.

Learn more about Kelly’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Anthony D’Ambrosio on his bio page here.

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