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Dr. Connolly Invited to Speak at Spetzler Symposium

Dr. E. Sander Connolly Jr., MD, FACS was one of 75 international leaders in neurosurgery invited to take part in the recent Spetzler Symposium. Called “a scientific tribute and global celebration,” the Spetzler Symposium honored Robert F. Spetzler, a physician who has had a profound impact on neurosurgery education and practice.

The symposium focused on four areas of neurosurgery: the craniovertebral junction (where the skull and neck join together), the skull base, complex/deep brain tumors and cerebrovascular surgery (surgery on blood vessels in the brain).

That’s where Dr. Connolly comes in. As the Director of Columbia’s Cerebrovascular Research Laboratory, Dr. Connolly conducts cutting-edge research on cerebrovascular disorders and treatment.

He has dedicated his career to finding ways to prevent and manage bleeding in the brain, whether from a stroke, injury or disease.

Because of this work Dr. Connolly was invited to moderate the part of the symposium dedicated to cerebrovascular surgery. He moderated presentations from eight world-renowned neurosurgeons, including Dr. Spetzler himself. Presentations ranged from surgical techniques to moyamoya disease to the future of cerebrovascular surgery.

This symposium was held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), where Dr. Connolly also brought that same expertise in cerebrovascular problems to a breakfast seminar on “Controversies in the Management of Intracerebral Hematomas.”

An intracerebral hematoma is any type of heavy bleeding into or around the brain. Dr. Connolly served as a moderator for the seminar, which covered the latest in research and management techniques for treating hematomas.

Learn more about Dr. Connolly at his bio page here.

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