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Dr. Chuck Mikell Wins Resident Research Night for 2nd Time

Dr. Chuck Mikell

Congratulations to Columbia Neurosurgery resident, Dr. Chuck Mikell for winning the 2014 New York Society for Neurosurgery Resident Research Night. This is his second win; he also took the prize in 2011.

This year, Dr. Mikell won for a paper titled Frontal Networks, Rather Than Default Mode Network, are Disrupted in Coma after Hemorrhagic Stroke. His research was conducted with Dr. E. Sander Connolly from our Cerebrovascular Center and Dr. Jan Claassen from Columbia’s Department of Neurology. The paper was just accepted for publication by the journal Stroke.

“This research involved functional MRI imaging of brain networks in patients who were either awake or unresponsive after a hemorrhagic [bleeding] stroke,” says Dr. Mikell. “We found that a number of networks in the front of the brain, including those responsible for high level tasks such as cognitive control and executive function, were disrupted in unresponsive patients. This advance will help in the design of new treatments to help patients with disorders of consciousness after hemorrhagic stroke.”

Dr. Mikell also won the Resident Research Night in 2011 for a paper titled “Characterization of Eloquent Networks in Patients with Brain Tumors.” Read more about that here.

Way to go, Dr. Mikell!

Find out more about Dr. Mikell’s co-author, Columbia neurosurgeon, Dr. E. Sander Connolly on his bio page here.

Learn more about hemorrhagic stroke here.

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