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Dr. Christopher Winfree’s Surprising Debate at NSA Conference

Winfree@AANSThe Neurosurgical Society of America (NSA) held their annual meeting at the The Algonquin at St. Andrews by the Sea in New Brunswick, Canada this summer, and four of our neurosurgeons were invited to attend: Dr. Christopher Winfree, Dr. Guy McKhann, Dr. Sean Lavine, and Dr. E. Sander Connolly.

Dr. Winfree was scheduled to take part in the annual point-counterpoint debate this year on the subject of complex regional pain syndrome. The result was a hilarious mock debate between Dr. Winfree and himself, as his opponent wasn’t able to make it.

Always a good sport and up for a challenge, Dr. Winfree went ahead with his presentation. He says:

“I had to give both sides of a point-counterpoint debate about carpal tunnel surgery in the setting of complex regional pain syndrome. I pretended to be Allen Belzberg from Johns Hopkins for the second talk. I ripped into my academic record (as Belzberg), claiming that I was a rapacious, money-grubbing, industry-supported neuromodulator hack that knew nothing about peripheral nerve surgery. People though it was pretty funny.”

In high spirits, the audience took great pleasure in Dr. Winfree’s comic approach, but they were also impressed by his points and they declared that Dr. Winfree was decidedly the winner of the debate.

Learn more about the winner, Dr. Christopher Winfree, on his bio page here.

Learn about last year’s meeting in our previous post: Dr. Sean Lavine Invited Speaker At NSA ‘Head To Head’ On Aneurysm Treatment

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