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Dr. Christopher Winfree to be Featured on an Episode of Al Jazeera’s The Cure


Dr. Christopher Winfree from the Peripheral Nerve and Pain Centers has just finished filming an episode of The Cure, a show created by the Al Jazeera Network.

“The Cure’s medical reporters take you on a journey to the frontiers of world health, from cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs to advances in affordable healthcare for those who need it most.”The Cure

Dr. Winfree was followed by their camera here at Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital as he met with and treated Christopher Francis, a man who has suffered for years with intractable leg pain.

In the image below, Dr. Winfree explains the upcoming procedure with Mr. Francis. Winfree&Patient

Dr. Winfree performed an innovative new treatment on Mr. Francis. He implanted an electrical stimulator into his leg. This stimulator provides low-level electrical current to nerves responsible for the pain in Mr. Francis’ leg. The stimulation over-rides the pain signal to the brain and replaces it with a light sensation of vibration. This, in effect, tricks the brain out of feeling the painful sensation in the leg.

The pictures above were taken during Mr. Francis’ first procedure to test whether the stimulation would, in fact, provide the pain relief he hoped for. The trial was a success, so Dr Winfree implanted a permanent device a few weeks later.

Of the experience, Dr Winfree said, “I am very grateful to Al Jazeera for highlighting the needs of chronic pain patients like Mr. Francis. The technological advances in the field of pain management over the last decade are astounding. We are able to help more people than ever before and I am very excited to be able to share this with more people.”

We will let you know as soon as we know when Dr. Winfree’s episode of The Cure will air. In the meantime, you can follow us on twitter at @ColumbiaNeuro or on Facebook to make sure you get the news.

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