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Dr. Christopher Winfree Busy in New Orleans at AANS 2013

Dr.Winfree @ AANS 2013Among the many presenters and attendees at the 81st Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) was our own Dr. Christopher J. Winfree, neurosurgeon and specialist in the management of pain and peripheral nerve disorders.

Dr. Winfree arrived in New Orleans a day early to attend the Pre-Conference Biennial Meeting of the AANS/CNS Joint Section on Pain, for which he has been Chair these last two years.

The full-day Section Meeting and Scientific Program focused on the neurosurgical treatment of facial pain and included presentations by the top leaders in the neurosurgical pain subspecialty.

The larger Annual AANS Meeting began the following day April 27, 2013 and Dr. Winfree was the first of the Columbia Neurosurgery group to present. He Directed a Practical Course on Neurostimulation for Residents. During this course, neurosurgical residents were given detailed instruction in both the theory and hands-on application of a variety of neurostimulation techniques.

Over the next couple of days Dr. Winfree was able to attend a few lectures and seminars himself and to take part in several peer-led meetings. These included; the Peripheral Nerve Surgery Task Force Leadership dinner meeting, the CNS Board of Directors meeting, and the Joint Guidelines Committee meeting.

He was back to a full day of teaching on Tuesday, April 30th starting as a panelist at a seminar on the Neurosurgical Management of Intractable Pain. He and others reviewed indications, techniques and outcomes of contemporary neurosurgical procedures.

The same day, the Joint Pain Section Break-out Session was held and Dr. Winfree moderated a lively afternoon of presentations and one of the new neurosurgical subspecialty Face-Offs, introduced to the AANS meeting this year.


The Face-Off was between two leading Pain experts: Kim J Burchiel, MD, who argued for the surgical management of trigeminal neuralgia; and Douglas Kondziolka, MD, who gave the counterpoint view of management with radiosurgery.

Dr. Winfree was co-author of research also presented, titled Survey of The Current State of Neurosurgical Chronic Pain Care and Education, and he led aCase Discussions segment and Q & A that concluded the Joint Section meeting.

To learn more about this conference, read our previous blog: Columbia Neurosurgeons Speaking at 2013 AANS Meeting in New Orleans.

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