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Dr. Bruce Shares Novel Treatment Approaches for Brain Cancer

Bruce@AANSDr. Jeffrey Bruce, from the Brain Tumor Center, was another Columbia neurosurgeon to speak at the 82nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) in San Francisco earlier this month.

He was a panelist at a breakfast seminar titled The Spectrum of Adjuvant Therapy for Brain Tumors.

“I have been a panelist on this course for several years,” said Dr. Bruce. “It highlights many of the exciting experimental treatments that are being explored for glioblastoma [a deadly type of brain tumor]. There is great progress being made in novel treatments for glioblastoma including immunotherapy, engineered viruses and local drug delivery systems. Many of these treatments hold great promise but will still require years of testing.”

Learn more about Dr. Bruce’s work in the treatment of this deadly disease in our previous post: Dr. Bruce Harnessing The Body’s Immune System To Kill Brain Tumors.

Learn more about Dr. Jeffrey Bruce on his bio page here.

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