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Dr. Deborah Benzil on the Practicalities of Being a Neurosurgeon

CNS 2014 at BCECColumbia’s neurosurgeons formed a strong presence at the 2014 meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. Many of our doctors attended (here’s a full list), finding time for both teaching and learning.

Dr. Deborah Benzil was among the busy attendees. This year, she was on the faculty for three separate CNS courses focused on the practicalities of being (or becoming) a neurosurgeon.

One two-hour course dealt with neurosurgery in today’s health care system. Another was a course for new neurosurgeons called “So You’re Finally a Neurosurgeon–Now What?”

“You’re Finally a Neurosurgeon” instructed recent graduates about practical concerns–things they might not have encountered in the operating rooms of their surgical training. Attendees learned about building their medical practices, navigating the world of billing and coding, and becoming familiar with legal issues relevant to them.  Dr. William Christopher Fox of our Ridgewood, NJ office also taught a section of this course.

Finally, Dr. Benzil presented a section of a course called “Navigating a Neurosurgical Career: Always a Question of Balance.” (“A Question of Balance” was the tagline for the 2014 CNS conference.) This course covered topics like working in private practice vs. academia, and techniques for advancing one’s career in neurosurgery. Dr. Benzil’s section of the course was called “Conflict Resolution in a Neurosurgical Career.”

This course was presented by Women in Neurosurgery, or WINS. Dr. Benzil was a founding member of WINS and served as the group’s first president. She is currently an executive board member of the organization.

Learn more about Dr. Benzil on her bio page here.

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