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Dr. Angevine Looks at Adult Scoliosis From Two Perspectives

Columbia Spine Center Neurological Surgery November 19, 2015 Photography by John Abbott 212-765-2342

Scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) in adults is most often the result of the spine wearing down over time. This wearing down creates a two-part problem: The bones in the spine move out of place, and the delicate nerves inside the spinal column can become pinched or crushed.

Some orthopedic surgeons deal with the spine and treat scoliosis, after they have completed a fellowship treating the structure of the spine. It’s neurological surgeons who have the knowledge and skill to prevent damage to the spinal cord nerves initially and treat already damaged nerves.

Dr. Peter Angevine addressed the perspectives of both the orthopedic and the neurological surgeon when he participated in a seminar on adult scoliosis at this year’s annual American Association of Neurological Surgeons meeting.

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