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Scoliosis Awareness Month Facebook Live with Dr. Richard Anderson: Kids and Scoliosis

Have you ever wanted to hear from an expert about kids and scoliosis? Now you can! On June 21, Dr. Richard Anderson did a Facebook live event to talk about pediatric scoliosis and answer questions submitted by people like you.

Scoliosis is a side-to-side curvature of the spine that can occur at any time, from birth to adulthood. How scoliosis may affect a child, and how it may be treated, will be different depending on the age at which the child’s spine begins to curve and how big the curve is.

Scoliosis that is present at birth often goes away on its own with no treatment, while a spinal curve that begins from ages 4–10 may be a more serious matter. Scoliosis is most common in pre-teens and teens, from ages 11–18, when it usually doesn’t present a serious problem unless the curve is large. Depending on the age of the child and the severity of the curve, scoliosis might be treated with physical therapy, by bracing or with surgery.

Dr. Richard Anderson of The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York is an expert in pediatric brain and spine disorders. When it comes to the spine a child is not just a small adult. Rather, a child’s growing and flexible spine presents unique challenges for neurosurgeons.

This is your chance to hear a world-renowned expert answer questions about childhood scoliosis. Watch as we celebrate Scoliosis Awareness Month by bringing our experts to you.

Learn more about Dr. Richard Anderson at his bio page here.

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