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Dr. Anderson to Speak at May Day Conference

Anderson8107Dr. Richard C. E. Anderson has been asked to share his expertise this week as a pediatric neurosurgeon at the 2015 May Day Trauma Conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The May Day Conference is an annual opportunity for trauma and emergency medical care experts from around the United States to share their experience and knowledge.

Some of the topics the conference will cover are clinical issues in life threatening injuries, and approaches to decision making in trauma care situations.

Experts who are chosen to speak at the conference are recognized as leaders in their fields, who contribute to the advances made in the care of injured patients.

Dr. Anderson specializes in the treatment of pediatric brain and spinal tumors and complex spinal disorders, and is one of the leading pediatric neurosurgeons in the Tri-State region.

His extensive use of a variety of surgical techniques, such as computer-guided navigation, minimally invasive endoscopy, and microsurgery make him a valuable source of information about the treatment of injuries through these methods.

Dr. Anderson is also a popular speaker and teacher, with over one hundred invitations to lecture and instruct around the country and the world. His participation in this year’s May Day Conference is sure to add a knowledgeable and innovative voice about pediatric neurosurgery and trauma care.

The May Day Conference will take place from May 6-7.

Learn more about Dr. Richard C.E. Anderson on his bio page here.

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