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Columbia Neurosurgery Residency Program Best Graduation Rates: Study Finds

neurosurgery residency Dr.Kellner and Dr. Ogden in LabAt New York Presbyterian – Columbia, we know more than anyone else how great neurosurgeons are not born. They are made through some of the most intense and rigorous medical training in the world. They put in long hours and many sleepless nights as residents to hone their craft in this most exacting of fields.

Although only the most elite med students are admitted into neurosurgery programs, some could be expected to fail to complete the seven-year process due to the challenge of what it takes to become a neurosurgeon.

In a retrospective study published last month in the Journal of Neurosurgery, U.S. neurosurgery programs were evaluated on resident success rates. The authors looked at whether residents completed the program and went on to become board-certified in neurosurgery.

Columbia University was one of only five programs in the country to achieve a zero-percent attrition rate–they shepherded every single matriculated resident into board certification. They also boasted the highest volume of residents. For instance, while the University of South Florida accomplished this feat with six residents, Columbia did the same with twenty.

“The number one goal of the Columbia Neurosurgery residency program has always been to graduate successful neurosurgeons,” Dr. Deborah L. Benzil says. “As attendings, we support our residents any way we can to help them succeed, and we are proud of our results as documented in this study.”

Ultimately, Columbia University works to serve its neurosurgery residents so that they may in turn better serve their patients. We are proud that many of the graduates of the Columbia University neurosurgery program continue to work with us today, alongside colleagues from other esteemed programs.

In addition to their patient care duties, our physicians work tirelessly to train the neurosurgeons of tomorrow at one of America’s most elite training programs – because the best way to continue to learn is to teach.

Learn more about Dr. Deborah L. Benzil on her bio page here.

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