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Columbia Neurosurgery Nurse Practitioner Farrow Consults for CBS Show ‘Elementary’

Columbia Neurosurgery’s Maria Farrow during an interview for the season 2 DVD of the CBS show ‘Elementary’ © 2014 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved

Our Nurse Practitioner, Maria Farrow is once again in the spotlight as a consultant for a CBS television show. This time the show is Elementary, a “Sherlock Holmes” crime drama. Two years ago she was a consultant for the CBS medical drama, A Gifted Man (see a post about that here).

Elementary is set in New York City in modern times and follows the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, played by Jonny Lee Miller, and Dr. Watson, who with a twist is played by the actress Lucy Liu.

Now in its second season, Maria has been the show’s medical-tech advisor since it premiered in 2012 and she says:

Being the medical technical advisor for a network television show has been a unique experience. I am fortunate enough to work with such a talented cast who make it easy to coach their actions and give realism to a scene. In particular, I have frequent interactions with Lucy Liu whose character Watson is a physician.. She is a quick study in suturing and dressing changes. I also have a close relationship with the props department to ensure that the equipment and items used are authentic and contemporary. In general, my role is to help production balance maintaining an interesting plot while providing medical accuracy at various levels.

Maria is a nurse practitioner for the Department of Neurological Surgery at Columbia Medical Center-New York Presbyterian Hospital where she helps manage the pre- and post-surgical care of the adult inpatient neurosurgical service.

© 2014 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved

Maria was recently interviewed for a behind-the-scenes piece to be released on the Season 2 DVD of Elementary after it is completed. The DVD segment focuses on some of the special skills Holmes and Watson employ with a slant on Watson’s medical background. In the interview Maria talks about her role with the show, her favorite episodes so far, and what it is like working with the cast.  

ELEMENTARY airs Thursdays at 10PM ET/PT on CBS.

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