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Columbia Neurosurgery Chair Dr. Robert Solomon on Aneurysm Surgery Outcome

Dr. Robert Solomon
Dr. Robert Solomon

Neurosurgery Department Chair, Dr. Robert Solomon is co-author* of a paper on outcomes for brain aneurysm surgery recently published in the journal Stroke.

This paper, Variability in Outcome After Elective Cerebral Aneurysm Repair in High-Volume Academic Medical Centers, is a follow up to research we blogged about in 2011: Q & A With Chairman Solomon: Aneurysm Therapy Today.

“The variability in outcome for aneurysm surgery at the 10 highest  volume and most highly recognized medical centers in New York State is disturbing,” says Dr. Solomon. “The explanation for this finding is unknown, but the suggestion is that aneurysm surgery might not always be performed by the most highly qualified individuals at each institution.

A state-wide registry of aneurysm surgery would explain this variability and lead to greatly improved outcomes, as occurred when the cardiac surgery registry was put in place. When the cardiac surgery registry was introduced, surgeons and institutions with poor results stopped operating with a commensurate improvement in public health.

The volume of aneurysm surgery continues to fall as endovascular techniques proliferate, suggesting that aneurysm surgery should be centralized into high volume medical centers that can offer both quality endovascular treatment and open surgical approaches as necessary.  

Less experienced surgeons should always be mentored by experienced aneurysm surgeons until their skill set is sufficient to achieve the high quality results that the public should expect.

The paper, Variability in Outcome After Elective Cerebral Aneurysm Repair in High-Volume Academic Medical Centers, is published online in the journal Stroke. Read the abstract here.

Learn more about Dr. Robert Solomon on his bio page here.

*C0-authors include: Zacharia BE1, Bruce SS, Carpenter AM, Hickman ZL, Vaughan KA, Richards C, Gold WE, Lu J, Appelboom G, Solomon RA, and Connolly ES.

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