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Columbia Neurosurgeons Bring Advanced Brain and Spine Care to Westchester

Dr. Marc Otten bringing Spine Care to Westchester

Columbia University Medical Center neurosurgeon Dr. Marc Otten and his colleagues are exporting advanced clinical care as practiced at Columbia into the Westchester community.

“[Columbia Neurosurgery] will be able to serve a larger, broader population, provide better follow-up for patients, and more people will have access to our research trials,” Dr. Otten told the Daily Voice.

That’s why Dr. Otten and a team of neurosurgeons from Columbia Neurosurgery are now at NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital treating patients in the Westchester area and the surrounding counties with offices in both Tarrytown and Eastchester, New York.

“We are finding that it’s better to carry out certain surgeries in the community while other, often more complex, surgeries are better performed at a large academic hospital,” Dr. Otten told the North Salem Daily Voice. He also noted that patients may be more comfortable when they can be seen locally, instead of having to travel for care.

Read the entire Daily Voice article here.

Learn about Dr. Otten at his bio page here.

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